Survival Of The Fittest

Our Year 7s enjoyed a day full of fun challenges yesterday which aimed to build communication, trust and teamwork among the new cohort.
Playing alongside their House peers, the students participated in Survivor-inspired activities that tested their physical and mental strength, competing again other Tribes (Houses) to earn immunity idols. They later tested their problem-solving skills through video and photo tasks and quizzes.
Student Support Year 7 Associate Dean Justin Holt said the day was a great icebreaker for students still getting to know their peers.
“For the next six years, our students will learn and grow alongside each other, and for many their high school peers will become lifelong friends,” he said. “Today’s event was a chance to enjoy some time out of the classroom, develop new friendships and give our newest students a chance to feel connected to their House, which will further promote camaraderie.”

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