2023 Contributions and Charges Payment Timelines

Voluntary Contributions assist the college with the purchase of essential materials, services and facilities used by all students in the delivery of the compulsory educational program.  The level of parent support makes a significant contribution to the enrichment of learning experiences for ALL students.  We thank you in anticipation of your continued support in paying this component of your account.

As per the Comet Bay College 2023 Contributions and Charges Handbook, A DEPOSIT of 50% of the total cost of the student Elective Course/s is required before the student commences the program, with the total cost PAID IN FULL by 30 June 2023. (Elective Courses are those that your child chooses to enrol in as part of the Course Selection Process).

Payment of these is compulsory.  Please be aware of the following process undertaken by the college with respect to UNPAID COMPULSORY CHARGES:

  1. THREE account statements are posted out to all families prior to 1 July 2023.
  2. Where payment is still not made by FRIDAY, 1 JULY 2023, a debt collection agency (Illion) will be engaged to pursue recovery of Compulsory Charges directly from the relevant paying parent.
  3. Outstanding charges are rolled over to the student’s record in the following year where applicable.
  4. Where parents with outstanding Compulsory Charges have failed to arrange and commit to a payment plan, the student may be removed from their chosen Elective course/s and be placed in a course that satisfies the requirements of the Curriculum Framework. Or, in the case where the unpaid Compulsory Charges cover the cost of materials for practical classes, the student will not be able to participate in the practical lessons and will have to complete theory work.
  5. PLEASE NOTE! THE COLLEGE DOES NOT PERSONALLY PHONE FAMILIES PRIOR TO CHARGES BEING REFERRED TO DEBT COLLECTION as this is not feasible due to the large number of accounts active across the school. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS TO MANAGE PAYMENT OF ALL CHARGES IN A TIMELY MANNER SO AS TO AVOID ANY PERSONAL INCONVENIENCE IN THE CASE OF REFERRAL OF THE DEBT TO DEBT COLLECTION. Please contact the college to request an arrangement to pay early in the year to avoid referral where no contact has been made.

 If you have not recently received an account statement, please contact our Billing Officer on 9553 8108 or via email:  Student Accounts