Navy Cadets – TS Comet

TS Comet – An Australian Navy Cadet Training Ship in partnership with Comet Bay College

TS Comet started to parade in April 2022 and quickly grew to one of the largest Navy Cadet Units in Western Australia.

TS Comet parades every Wednesday during school terms from 6.20pm until 9.30pm at Comet Bay College.

Students aged 12 to 18 from all schools are invited to take part. Places are limited.

Contact to register your interest or find out more.


What is the Navy Cadets?

The Australian Navy Cadet’s vision is to provide an environment and opportunities to develop young Australians to become capable, confident and resilient members of their communities. Cadets learn qualities that will enable them to contribute effectively and positively to society, including leadership, self-reliance, confidence, teamwork, acceptance of responsibility and a sense of community.

Navy Cadets makes exploring new adventures and who you want to be a safe an exciting challenge. Whatever you want to do when you leave school, Navy Cadets will give you the skills to help you cope with the big world and enjoy what it brings.


“You learn life skills. I was 13, very quiet and shy. Cadets makes you find the confidence… You feel part of something special.” Natasha, 15.


While you’re doing this…

Sailing across Warnbro Sound, power-boating around Point Peron, having fun with Cadet challenges, taking part in ceremonial drills, parading with a band on Anzac Day, forecasting the weather, learning to navigate, visiting HMAS ships, taking part in national competitions or travelling abroad in our International Exchange program… and all the while getting badges to prove it;

…You’ll get all this

You’ll become confident in new situations, feel more in-charge of yourself, know how to make a good impression, listen to others with more experience in life, support people who are less experienced than you, captain a sports team and stand out in interviews.

You will learn positive habits and new thinking that will last a lifetime. “I don’t give up” will become a fresh way of looking at the world!

Skills and qualifications

You’ll get all the support you need to show what you’re made of, whether or not you shine at school.

Life feels different

Navy Cadets is not school and looks and feels different. There is a lot of learning but it is done through activities – on the water and off the water – and our Instructors lead by example.
It is also different from home, a break from screens, devices, games and being cooped up inside. The platform we offer is built on the customs and traditions of the Royal Australian Navy. It inspires our work and commitment to supporting young people today.

Horizons open

You will meet other Cadets at events around Australia and become comfortable and confident with meeting people from different places and backgrounds. This can make going out into the world so much easier later on.

The support feels different, too

Our friendly, trained Instructors – some from a Navy background, some former Navy Cadets and many just from your town – are excellent role models for Cadets, looking out for them and helping to draw out the best in everyone. If you think Navy Cadets sounds like having orders barked at you, think again! Many Cadets want to be more self-disciplined and our Instructors will help with that and make it fun at the same time. But they also help young people to try things they have never done before and to work with them overcome any fears and shyness until they achieve it.

A second family

Everyone looks after each other in the Navy Cadets. There is a lot of respect in the air. Indeed, many teenagers and Instructors say Cadets feels like a second family. We take this responsibility extremely seriously and have robust, active Youth Safety practices in place to ensure all young people feel secure and protected.