Comet Bay Professional Learning Community   (CBPLC)


The Comet Bay Professional Learning Community

What is CBPLC?

The Comet Bay Professional Learning Community continuously seeks out and shares learning, then acts on that learning. The goal of our collective actions is to enhance our effectiveness as professionals, so that all our students benefit.

We are a cohesive K-12 professional learning community organised into independent collaborative teams and united by a professional learning community foundation.

Our Executive Team

The CBPLC Executive Team is comprised of representatives from the following schools:

  • Kelly Bennett – Principal at Comet Bay College
  • Graeme Watson – Principal at Comet Bay Primary School
  • Russell Newbound – Principal at Golden Bay Primary School
  • Lisa Fletcher – Principal at Secret Harbour Primary School

Our Leadership Team

The CBPLC Leadership Team is comprised of representatives from each school and works with our Executive Team and Executive Liaison Officer.

Our Executive Liaison Officer

Our Executive Liaison Officer works with each focus pod and liaises with our Leadership Team.

  • The CBPLC Executive Team work to create the optimum learning environment for all students
  • CBPLC Leadership Team – Information flows from each focus pod and the four pillars – shared purpose, shared vision, shared goals and collective commitments – are reinforced
  • The core foundation for CBPLC is comprised of Focus on Learning, Focus on Collaboration and Focus on Results
  • The four schools in the CBPLC community collaborate and share information and results to improve learning across each school