Design Technologies

Design and Technology empowers students to acquire practical skills and knowledge applicable to both current and future technologies. This education equips them with the necessary tools to pursue career paths in the industry, either through apprenticeships or university programs.

In an increasingly complex and technologically-driven world, it is crucial to cultivate the ability to critically analyse and creatively respond to design challenges. The knowledge, understanding, and skills involved in designing, developing, and utilising technologies are not only influenced by society but can also contribute to enhancing and transforming our natural, managed, and constructed environments.

Through Design and Technologies, students are encouraged to become imaginative and adaptable designers. By considering ethical, legal, aesthetic, and functional factors, as well as the economic, environmental, and social impacts of technological advancements, students develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary to make informed decisions.

Design and Technologies actively engage students in the creation of high-quality design solutions for identified needs and opportunities across various technological contexts. They independently and collaboratively manage projects from conception to realisation. Employing design and systems thinking, as well as design processes, they investigate ideas, generate and refine concepts, plan, produce, and evaluate design solutions. Ultimately, they derive a sense of pride, satisfaction, and enjoyment from their ability to develop innovative products, services, and environments.

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