The study of Mathematics is an integral part of a student’s education
and students must now be successful in Mathematics in order to qualify to graduate from high school.

Mathematics aims to ensure that students:

  • are confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics, able to investigate, represent and interpret situations in their personal and work lives and as active citizens
  • develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency with processes, and are able to pose and solve problems and reason in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
  • recognise connections between the areas of mathematics and other disciplines and appreciate mathematics as an accessible and enjoyable discipline to study

Comet Bay College differentiates its Mathematics courses so that all students have the opportunity to learn at a level which best suits their ability and can achieve success at that level.

In this way, students can be accelerated or remediated according to need. This is illustrated in the addition of a pathway grade on their reports, which supplements the learning area grade. This is particularly useful in Year 10, as it is used to determine if a student is eligible for specific senior school courses.

The Year 11-12 courses are differentiated into Methods and Applications for those students who wish to sit the university entrance exams; and into Essentials for those students who wish to attend other tertiary education or enter the workforce at the completion of their schooling.

Homework is an essential element of studying Maths, just as a sportsman needs to practice skills in order to be proficient in a particular sporting field. In Years 7-10, there is a comprehensive weekly homework schedule which is supplemented by nightly skills work at the discretion of the teacher.

The Mathematics teachers at Comet Bay College also offer free support sessions for students on set nights, according to age and ability. Your child is encouraged to attend in order to get the personal help that he or she needs in order to improve in Mathematics.

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”

Albert Einstein on Maths
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