Home Economics

Year 7 Home Economics
This course offers an introduction to Cooking and Textiles is planned to provide the most comprehensive coverage suitable for the Australian Curriculum. It is designed to foster a lifelong interest in the concepts and skills associated with the Food and Fashion industry. This highly practical course offers:

  • Extensively trialed and carefully selected projects
  • Step by Step processes to improve production skills, and
  • An insight into a sustainable kitchen garden programme.

Cooking Extension – Year 8
This is the first step in becoming a truly great cook.

In the Home Economics Extension class, students apply knowledge, skills, experience and resources to the development of food products that are designed to meet the changing needs of individuals, societies and environments. You will be taken on a journey from making dough using yeast, to knowing the secrets of good pastry so you can create and bake these utterly delicious golden offerings.

Cooking Extension – Year 9
This is THE most exciting way to eat right now!

Students become innovative, adaptable and reflective as they select and use appropriate materials, information, systems and processes to create exciting Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian and French dishes. As you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of international food; your taste buds will be tingling with excitement from fresh herbs, vegetables and seasonings from our Kitchen Garden.

With some modification of recipes this course is easily suitable for vegetarians and anyone on a modified diet

Food Technology – Year 10
This course is an irresistible Australian culinary adventure, inspired by global influences. Enjoy beautiful food experiences and join the next group of gourmet cooks. Basic local food commodities are the focus of each week and students explore the factors that influence their food choices. Students prepare meals suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a hospitality grade commercial kitchen. The course culminates with a design task of preparing a celebration 3 course meal for selected guests.

Year 10 Fashion (Textiles)
Do you have a flare with fashion or a desire to design? This course focuses on developing students’ skills in dressmaking and textiles art. Combining the knowledge of sewing and their imagination and creative flare, students create articles of clothing and fashion accessories. Students are introduced to a range of production techniques and equipment, and develop skills, generate plans and realise their design ideas through the production of their design project.

Students are introduced to principles and practices of design required to manufacture products for themselves and clients.

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