Home Economics

Home Economics is an educational discipline that equips students with essential skills and knowledge for various aspects of everyday life, encompassing food and nutrition, family relationships, child development, and clothing and textiles. Our main objective is to empower students to make informed decisions and effectively navigate life beyond the classroom. By blending theoretical study with practical application, Home Economics provides students with a diverse range of real-world skills such as cooking, budgeting, time management, and problem-solving, which are applicable in their daily routines and diverse settings.

All Year 7 and 8 students at Comet Bay College will be enrolled in compulsory Home Economics classes which provide a comprehensive study of food and textiles, in line with the Australian Curriculum. These hands-on courses incorporate carefully designed projects and step-by-step processes aimed at enhancing students’ production skills.


For students who have a particular interest in Home Economics, we offer more advanced studies in Years 9 and 10 through our Food Science, Food Technology, Fashion and Style, and Caring for Children programs. These courses introduce topics such as societal values, economics, environmental and social sustainability in cooking and fashion, as well as sexual health, parenting skills, and child development for those studying Caring for Children.

Comet Bay College provides a range of pathways for Upper School students who wish to further expand their knowledge in this field. These pathways include General courses, Certificates, and Fee for Service Qualifications. Detailed information about these study options can be found in our comprehensive Upper School Course Selection Handbook on our website page here: https://cometbaycollege.wa.edu.au/course-selection-handbooks/

Gifted and Talented Program