Vivo Student Rewards

A Positive Learning Environment for every student

Vivo is the new way to be rewarded as students progress through their school life.  Teachers will award students with electronic points called Vivos. Vivos will be awarded for meeting specific targets, which are linked to the five school rules:

∙         Follow the instructions of all staff;

∙         Follow all college procedures;

∙         Be courteous and respectful to others;

∙         Keep the college environment clean; and

∙         Do your best and encourage others.

Vivos will also be awarded for attendance, community service activities and sporting events.  Every student has an account which monitors their points and can be checked by logging on to their account through the website or the Vivo App (for Android and iPhones).  Once logged in, students can cash in their Vivos for rewards which are provided through the on-line Vivo shop.  Vivos collected will also provide ‘tickets’ to scheduled events throughout the year such as Inter-house carnivals, sausage sizzles, raffles and more.  Parents can also track progress with a parent account so that they can see how Vivos are being earned and spent.