Our English curriculum provides the fundamental building blocks for literacy, integral to all other facets of learning and a requirement for secondary school graduation and entry to all tertiary training.

The study of English enables students to develop a greater understanding and application of language and communication. It is where students enhance their spelling and grammatical skills, while also learning the art of comprehension and persuasive writing through the study of a wide range of different text styles, including novels, newspapers, historical narratives, poetry, letters, biographies and more. Our English curriculum engages critical thinking, encourages students to be creative and challenges them to question social and cultural influences in the world around them. Students learn to view texts with purpose and gain the ability to organise their ideas in a concise manner backed by evidence. English also enhances the student’s oral language skills, making them confident speakers and performers.

Comet Bay College has three English streams for students in Years 7 to 10 – Mainstream, Extension and Gifted and Talented – to cater for all aptitudes and abilities. The College also boasts a successful literacy intervention program to help lower school students who demonstrate gaps in their literacy ability. The program is a Targeted Learning Program (TLP) which uses Direct Instructional teaching methods to identify, remediate and resolve literacy issues. Enrichment classes are available for students with diagnosed learning difficulties.

All-boy English classes have also been established at Comet Bay College. The College understands boys and girls learn differently and these classes have helped some of our students who need additional focus. Students in the all-boy classes practise collaborative learning, participate in activities that get them up and moving, and study texts that engage boys.

The College also uses Inquiry-Based Learning Projects to best engage our lower school students. Through a series of prompts, students are asked to research a topic of their interest and employ 21st century, critical-thinking skills to produce comprehensive, written research pieces.

Year 11 and 12 students have a choice of Mainstream and ATAR English courses. Year 10 students who indicate a desire to study the more challenging ATAR courses – ATAR English and ATAR Literature – are supported by the College’s pre-ATAR classes which teach the foundation skills needed for students to achieve their personal best.

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