Information Technology and Design

Comet Bay College is dedicated to equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly evolving world of the 21st century. A crucial aspect of this preparation involves exposing students to the latest technologies. Our extensive Information Technology and Design program offers a wide range of technology concepts, encompassing computer science, robotics, photography, graphic design, and business studies. To ensure a strong foundation, all students in Years 7-9 are required to participate in Information Technology and Design classes. From Year 9 onwards, students have an opportunity to further cultivate their interests in this field through elective courses, covering topics such as Robotics, Photography, Graphic Design and Business Studies.


  • Computer Science studies provide a strong foundation in technology and computational thinking. Students gain knowledge of programming languages, algorithms, data structures, and software development methodologies. They learn problem-solving strategies and logical reasoning, which are essential skills in today’s digital world.
  • Robotics provide students with a multidisciplinary approach that combines engineering, computer science, and mathematics. By designing, building, and programming robots, students develop problem-solving and logical reasoning skills. They learn about mechanics, electronics, sensors, and artificial intelligence, gaining insights into cutting-edge technologies.
  • Photography allows individuals to explore their creativity while developing technical skills. It offers a unique way of perceiving the world and capturing moments, enabling self-expression and storytelling. Photography students learn about composition, lighting, editing techniques, and visual aesthetics.
  • Graphic Design offers a range of benefits in the digital age. It allows students to harness their artistic talents while learning about visual communication and design principles. Graphic Design students acquire proficiency in industry-standard software and tools, enabling them to create visually compelling graphics for various purposes, such as advertising, marketing, web design, publishing, and multimedia production.
  • Business Studies provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices that drive successful organisations. Business knowledge can be applied to various fields and career paths, equipping students with valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. Additionally, studying business fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging students to identify opportunities, innovate, and take calculated risks in the dynamic world of commerce.


Information Technology and Design studies open doors to a myriad of career options, such as database administrators, business analysts, animators, software developers, website designers, marketing officers and entrepreneurs.


Comet Bay College remains dedicated to providing opportunities for advanced Information Technology and Design studies for our Upper School students, offering a range of General courses, Certificates, and Fee for Service Qualifications. Detailed information regarding these study options can be found in our comprehensive Upper School Course Selection Handbook here

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