Insight Into Criminal Psychology

Our Pre-ATAR Year 10 students put their investigation skills to the test over the last three weeks when a guest lecturer from Murdoch University visited the College to introduce them to the field of Criminal Psychology.
The students have studied an introductory Psychology course as part of their Pre-ATAR HASS classes and have enjoyed three Murdoch University workshops which introduced them to criminal case studies and taught different investigation and research methods to identify the key suspects in some very infamous cases.
Associate Dean of HASS Tara Holmes said the students enjoyed lively debates and deliberations as they tried to determine the most likely culprits and justify their findings using the evidence presented and their own research in class after each lecture.
“I think we have a few future detectives among the group,” she said. “Thank you to Murdoch University Outreach Officer Jason Dohle for his intriguing workshops – the students certainly all enjoyed learning about the psychology behind criminal profiling.”

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