Oh Baby, What A Week!

About 30 of our Year 10 girls got a taste of parenthood last week when they agreed to take care of a virtual baby for 24 hours.
Comet Bay College has been offering the “Baby, Think It Over” program for several years, in conjunction with sexual health and contraception education.
Technologies teacher Teneal Davidson said the Caring for Children students learned just how physically demanding newborns could be.
“I was really proud that they persevered through the trials,” she said.
“One student became rather attached and was reluctant to hand her baby back.”
The virtual babies follow a natural infant cycle and cry based on four basic needs – when they are hungry, need their nappies changed, need to be burped or rocked. Each student’s care of the baby, including response times and handling, is recorded.
“Overall the students in the first group received outstanding scores, providing exemplary care for their babies,” Ms Davidson said.

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