Fun Survey Wins Poster Competition

Can you name more Australian Prime Minister or beer brands? That’s the quirky question a group of our Year 7 Gifted and Talented students posed during a recent survey which won them the Statistical Society of Australia’s 2021 National Schools Poster Competition.
Congratulations to Susie Moon, Naomi Symonds and Sienna Mosqueda who share $100 prize money after winning their age division in the prestigious competition.
Dean of Mathematics Michelle Wood said students had demonstrated 21st century STEM skills to come up with their hypothesis, collect date, analyse their findings and produce a poster about their investigation.
“It is a challenging project that engages all aspects of learning,” Mrs Wood said. “The girls delivered a fantastic poster and I was thrilled to hear they had won! We are very proud of them.”
It is the second time in three years that Comet Bay College students have won the SSA National Schools Poster Competition.
Classmates Ronan Pryer and Hayden Hibberd received an honourable mention for their Age Vs Screen Time project in the same division.

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