Duke of Edinburgh Camp

A group of our Year 9 students enjoyed exploring the Collie hiking trails earlier this month as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
The students hiked for more than 40km, set up a camp in bushland and cooked all their own meals during the three-day adventure.
Comet Bay College has been offering students the chance to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for three years. The awards recognise youths for completing a series of self-improvement exercises.
Program coordinator and Humanities and Social Sciences teacher Charissa Efthyvoulos said the Awards encourage greater community engagement through volunteering and help develop physical, practical and social skills.
“I am so proud of the students and the resilience, collaboration and leadership I saw them develop and display over the course of the adventurous journey camp,” Ms Efthyvoulos. “It has been a pleasure to work with this cohort and I wish those that will continue on to complete their silver award at Comet Bay College all the best.”

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