New Recycling Program

Comet Bay College has introduced a new recycling initiative to help reduce the school’s contribution to landfill.
Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) teacher Mandy Hall said the College had partnered with Greenbatch to recycle bottles, wrappers and other plastics used during classes, from lunchboxes or donated by students.
“Promoting sustainability is a big part of our HASS curriculum and it’s important as a College that we lead by example and provide ways for students to actively engage their environmental consciousness,” she said.
“We now have four bins and a team of Environmental Ambassadors that will be helping Comet Bay College become more sustainable.”
Students are encouraged to bring any 10c Containers for Change and #1 PET and #2 HDPE plastics to Breakfast Club each Tuesday and Thursday mornings. These deposits will earn students House points and the College credits used to support the sustainability program, as well as reducing our landfill contribution.

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