Defence Transition Mentor Program

Defence Transition Mentor Program

What is a Regional Education District Liaison Officer?

Regional Education Liaison Officers (REDLO’s) are professionally trained teachers who understand both the different State and Territory education systems and the Defence lifestyle.  They can advise Defence families and children on education issues, particularly related to relocating.  REDLO’s can assist with changing schools between the various State and Territory  primary, secondary and tertiary education systems.

REDLO’s provide the key link for families to access the type of support that meets the needs of their particular child.  REDLO’s are also linked to schools and education systems, working to raise the issues that affect Defence families and ensure that equity of educational opportunity is available to all mobile Defence children.

Our recent relocation has impacted on our child’s learning. Can I get education assistance?

If an ADF member moves to a new location and has school aged children, they may be entitled to 14 weeks of tutoring in any subject that has been identified by the school as representing a gap in the child’s learning.

Please remember that this, as a rule, is only available within 18 months of your relocation date, so if you think your child could use some extra support please contact Claire Hunt as soon as possible. Alternatively you can contact your Regional Education District Liaison Officer. Paperwork will need to be completed and authenticated by the school prior to submission.

We also encourage the students to participate in the FREE after school tutoring sessions provided by the teachers of Comet Bay College. Please see the ladies in the school Library for the current timetable or speak to the appropriate Year Coordinator or Teacher.

We will be relocation to another location. Do I have to tell Comet Bay College?

It is advisable that you inform the Defence Transition Mentor and/or Comet Bay College of your intended relocation PRIOR to moving. An important part of the support services we provide includes an exit procedure for your child to facilitate their smooth transition to the new school.

 We would prefer that this notice is provided in writing and includes the  contact details of the new school or tertiary institution.

Defence Education Assistance

Please see the link below for more information about Education Assistance or contact our Defence Transition Mentor, Claire Hunt on 95538100

DCO Education Support LINK

Student Involvement

Our Defence Transition Mentor Program serves to support the students and their family members. We hope you enjoy your time here at Comet Bay College and encourage you to get involved in as many events and projects as you can. If you have any suggestions on ways to improve our program, please do not hesitate to communicate your ideas.

Resilience Award

It is recognised that students whose parents or guardians work within the Australian Defence Force may have unique educational needs due in part to their mobile lifestyle and long absences of a parent due to deployment and training.

Resiliency is therefore a particularly attractive attribute to encourage and foster within this student group.

Resilient young people have a positive attitude toward their environment, hold a strong sense of purpose and develop internal strengths that enable them to see life’s obstacles as challenges that can be overcome.

A special award has been sponsored by Paul Papalia CSC, MLA Member for Warnbro (who is ex-Navy himself) to acknowledge defence students who fit the following criteria:-

  • Demonstrates excellence in social responsibility and school community involvement
  • The student continually strives to ‘seek excellence’ to the limits of his or her abilities, to achieve their own personal academic goals
  • The student is courteous, helpful and caring in his or her relationships with other students and adults
  • Shows Leadership qualities and provide a positive role model for their peers
Teambuilding Activities

Assorted activities are coordinated throughout the year in an effort to promote teambuilding amongst our defence student group. Ranging from simple morning tea’s & workshops…to photoshoots & excursions.

We also create a Music Video each year, which has proved a big hit!

Students lip sync to the selected song, sometimes with costumes and choreography. Most students are usually a little shy about this activity at the beginning, but end up having a great time and produce a wonderful keepsake as a reminder of their time here at Comet Bay College


Please feel free to contact me if you or your child has any questions or problems. If I can’t solve the issue, I will refer you to the appropriate staff member or support agency.

My email is or my phone number is 95538191.

End of Year Supper
At the end of each year we have a Family Supper for all defence students and their families (parents & siblings included). We watch the music video we have made during the year, announce the winner of the Resilience Award and there is an opportunity for students to perform (singing/music/dance) if they so wish. It is a celebration event of their year. We hope you will be able to join us at this event?


Honour Wall Project

Honour Wall to highlight the stories of all men & women (affiliated with our school) who have served over the last 100 years.

So we are asking ALL students to complete a simple questionnaire about the military history of their family. This includes current and past serving members .We would really appreciate your assistance by completing the questionnaire for EACH member of your family who is or has served in the military.  Photos should be sent by email to me or brought in for scanning.

Australian Football Specialist Program