After School Clubs

Many of the dedicated staff members of Comet Bay College give up their personal time after school to run FREE Clubs and Groups for the students.
They share their knowledge and passion for co-curricular activities to encourage interesting experiences and learning opportunities for all involved.

College Radio

The Comet Bay College Radio is broadcast Monday to Friday, every recess and lunchtime.

CBC Radio is a cross-curricular initiative to engage students with the College Motto, “Seek Excellence”, through music and dialogue.

Our presenters are student volunteers who run regular broadcasts, playing music requests and updating students with announcements about activities and events. They encourage students to seek excellence by following the College rules and earning VIVO points.”

Any student is eligible to join, however positions are currently full.

Coder Dojo

The Comet Bay College Coder Dojo was created to allow students interested in learning computer coding to participate in a wide range of coding activities. It provides opportunities to learn coding techniques and create computer games.

The CBC-CD is open to all Comet Bay students from Years 7-12 and runs every Monday afternoon (3.00pm to 4:00pm) in Room 363 during the school term at the college. This is a college-run club and as such there is no entry fee. For more details and information contact Mr Chillapa (Technologies teacher) at or contact the school on 9553 8100.

Strategy Games

The Comet Bay College Strategic Games Club was created to allow students involved in the hobby to meet and play games. The club encourages students to actively participate in a wide range of wargames and campaigns and provides opportunities to also learn painting techniques and create scale model terrain.

The CBCSGC is open to all Comet Bay students from Years 7-12 and is based around the three principles of Respect, Gamesmanship and Innovation. Students are expected to act with courtesy and respect and play fairly, with good gamesmanship at all times. Students are encouraged to express their opinions, skills and ideas about the hobby while in the club. These principles allow a safe and encouraging environment to practice their hobby.

Engineering Extra

Organised by Mr Olsson
Fridays 3pm to 4.30pm
Room 636

This group is for students studying Engineering-Mechatronics and real world robotics suitable for all year levels

Chess Club

Chess is a game for all ages. Playing chess helps to improve your memory, concentration, planning and thinking skills. Most important of all though, is that chess is fun! We know from numerous studies that playing chess improves the social skills, spatial skills, numerical abilities, verbal aptitude, creative thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills of students. Sounds interesting? Then come and join the Comet Bay College Chess Club.

Interested students from all years are welcome to participate. The aim of the Chess Club is simple: whether you want to simply learn how to play, or improve your level of proficiency, then please come and join us.

When:  Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Time:    Lunchtime

Location: Room 504

Coordinated by:  Jenny Burton

Robotics Club

Organised by: TBA
Study Times: TBA
Room: TBA

Comet Bay College is committed to providing rigorous and challenging extension programs for our students. The after-school Robotics Club is a great opportunity for those who are interested in technological innovation and creative problem solving. The Robotics Club also introduces students to numerous Computer Science Extension programs, and to the field of Mechatronics, which leads into Engineering as an upper school subject.

Design Technologies
Australian Football Specialist Program