Cooking Up A Storm

Our Year 7 Enrichment students earned themselves quite a feast on Friday – the only catch was they had to cook it themselves!
The shared lunch was a reward for following both classroom rules and College values throughout the term. As part of the reward, students were responsible for designing a menu and invitations and cooking the food, which included zucchini slice, wraps, sausage rolls, bacon carbonara and biscuits.
Principal Kelly Bennett, Year 7 Associate Dean of Student Support Jonathan Dixon and Dean of Student Support Years 7-9 Tara Armstrong were VIP guests, alongside education assistants Cherie Howes and Suzanne Rennie, who worked tirelessly helping the students prepare the feast.
Teacher Kathy Hodgson said it was a great way to thank students for their stellar Term 4 efforts.
“We have a strong focus on social and emotional development in this new Enrichment program, and despite this being a treat, the students had to demonstrate a lot of key skills, such as working in teams, to make this come together smoothly,” she said.

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