Theme Park Shark Tank

Would you visit a theme park called Anatomy World and take a log ride down the large intestine? Or enjoy 24-hour frights at Spook Village?
Our Year 11 and 12 STEP students have been busy researching, designing, budgeting and marketing new theme parks to rival WA’s Adventure World.
The five classes went head to head on Monday pitching their park ideas to our shark tank panel, which included Principal Kelly Bennett, Associate Principal Mick Churchman and Year 11 Dean of Student Support Ben Treasure, in a bid to secure a $10 million investment for their venture.
Other park ideas included a history-themed Journey Through Time, family-friendly Marvel vs DC and water-based Surf’s Up.
Students had made models and maps of their parks and merchandise, including shirts, cups and keyrings, to enhance their presentation.
In the end, the sharks choose Anatomy World as the most profitable business venture, with its educational appeal sealing the deal.

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