2022 Student Captains Announced

Comet Bay College is proud to announce its 2022 Student Captains will be Owen Reece-Dyke and Latrell Wamae.
Lacey Hunter will provide support in her role as Student Vice Captain.
Owen and Latrell have been long-standing members of the College’s Student Leadership Team and put their hands up for the captaincy as they are passionate about mentoring others.
“It has always been an aspiration of mine to be a Student Captain,” Latrell said. “I’ve always looked up to the people who were above me and I am enthusiastic about leadership and being a role model for others.”
Owen said he was looking forward to bringing fresh ideas to the table.
“I hope next year we can implement some improvements that will be beneficial to the entire student body,” he said.
Congratulations, Owen and Latrell!

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