Students Consider Their Ecological Footprint

Murdoch University Humanities Outreach Officer Jason Dohle visited Comet Bay College last week to speak to our Year 10 Pre-Atar students about improving their ecological footprints.
The students are starting their climate change studies and will look at strategies to mitigate and adapt in the present and future.
HASS teacher Emilie Ingate said it was important students understood that for every choice they made in aspects of their lives – such as energy, transport, shelter, and food – there were positive or negative influence on the earth.
“Students calculated their positive and negative influences, some learning that eating meat has a 10x larger impact on the earth than a vegetarian diet, and that even the type of washing machine we use can impact out footprint on the environment,” she said.
“Students had some enthusiastic discussion about their habits and learned that with current actions and behaviour that we would need five earths to continue living our lifestyles.”

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