Fair Trade At Trade Fair

COVID-19 restrictions did not dampen the entrepreneurial spirit of our Year 8 students, who held their annual Trade Fair during the final week of Term 2.
The event had to be split over two days and was held in various classrooms, but staff were still able to visit the stalls to browse the range of goods and services on offer.
This year’s event offered tarot card reading, portraits, an AFL skills test, lucky dips, jewellery, gaming stations, a photo booth and more.
HASS Associate Dean Michelle Statham said the students had spent so much time developing their business ventures for the event, it was important for it to go ahead.
“While we didn’t get the carnival atmosphere we traditionally enjoy, the students were still able to showcase their wares to staff members, and explore what their peers had produced,” she said.
“Their resilience to deliver their Fair with enthusiasm was admirable.”
The task was for students to come up with profitable product or service, develop a comprehensive business plan, design and promote their stall and manage sales. It is all part of the Economic studies.
Students will analyse their business after the Trade Fair, evaluating what worked and where improvements could be made.

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