Oh Baby, What a Week!

Our Year 10 Caring for Children students have endured some sleepless nights and exhausting days as they were thrown into parenthood, adopting computerised babies for 48 hours.
The special deliveries arrived on Tuesday morning and participating students were responsible for caring for their baby around the clock.
Comet Bay College has been offering the “Baby, Think It Over” program for several years, in conjunction with sexual health and contraception education.
The virtual babies follow a natural infant cycle and cry based on four basic needs – when they are hungry, need their nappies changed, need to be burped or rocked. Each student’s care of the baby, including response times and handling, is recorded.
Students are allowed to make arrangements for their peers to babysit during tests, and must complete all other classwork by putting the baby down in a safe place.
We expect a few tired girls in class today as they pass the responsibility onto their peers in the other Caring for Children class. These students will enjoy all the ups and downs of parenthood until Saturday morning. Good luck!

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