Modifying and Motorising Bikes

For the past five weeks, our Year 10 Mechanics students have been busy modifying and motorising bicycles ready to race, as part of their Bike GP project delivered by Mr Jamie Wellman and Mr Marc Mlachak.
The program was introduced by the College in 2020 to allow students to use their mechanical and engineering skills to design and build motorised bikes.
Our students have a further 10 weeks to complete their bikes before they put them to the test, competing against each other and students from Darling Range Sports College on a race track.
Mr Wellman said students had drawn upon a range of skills to research, devise and develop their designs.
“They have also learned how to assemble and disassemble bikes, how two-stroke engines work (including naming all the engine parts), and the pros and cons of using two-stroke and four-stroke engines in their designs,” he said.
“Students have also had to showcase their knowledge of tools and equipment, using angle grinders to be able to bend steel tubes and MIG welding mild steel.”
We look forward to the big race!

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