Comet Bay College Got A Whole Lot Cooler!

A new air-conditioning system has been installed at Comet Bay College, ensuring all general classrooms enjoy the benefits of high quality, reverse-cycle air conditioning.
The new system replaces old evaporative units previously rolled out by the State Government.
Principal Jamie Hayres said students and staff would be more comfortable all year round and the reverse-cycle system-generated cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly temperature control.
“Following overwhelming feedback from students about air-conditioning facilities across the campus, the College moved to implement the new system in time for the start of our 2021 school year,” he said.
“We have also introduced the Student Classroom Air Conditioning Program – a voluntary approved request seeking the support of our College community to contribute to the initiative. All funds collected will help subsidise the overall cost of the new system.
We thank all families who have already contributed to this worthwhile project.”