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Four outstanding students from Comet Bay College have wowed the judges at the State Final for the Subs in Schools Competition. Team Alia Astra, consisting of Mari Conradie, Lachlan Stephen, Connor Siekman and Aidan Blanchard have succeeded in placing second in the state finals, securing them the opportunity to represent Western Australia in the Australian National Finals being held this coming week.

The competition, organised by Re-engineering Australia and supported by the School Pathways Program, provides school teams with the opportunity to learn engineering skills, utilise CAD design programs and collaborate with industry partners to design and build an original, fully operational underwater ROV.

Along with second place, these students were successful in winning the Innovation Award, Outstanding Industry Collaboration Award and Best Team Verbal Presentation Award, receiving a perfect score and commendation from the judges for their team presentation skills.

Alia Astra is now focussing on improving their design and preparing for the opportunity to again show case their remarkable skills, when judging commences shortly in the National Finals. We wish our students, Mari, Lachlan, Connor and Aiden every success!

Students entering the challenge were required to work as a team to create a team image and market their product and ideas. Collaboration with members of the engineering community was essential for the completion of the task and students were judged on their engineering skills, ability to create innovative ideas and problem solve, branding and marketing of their product, presentation skills and operation of the ROV in sea trials.

The School Pathway Program has successfully supported STEM pathways in Defence Industries since 2010. The program is funded through a national partnership between the Department of Defence and WA Department of Education and has supported the involvement of teams in Australia’s Subs In Schools Technology Challenge.

Mari Conradie
As Team Manager and Construction Engineer, Mari coordinated the team in addition to building the ROV.

Lachlan Stephen 
As Design Engineer, Lachlan designed and cut the components of the ROV.

Connor Siekman
As Graphics and Media Manager, Connor organised all printed and electronic material.

Aidan Blanchard
As Marketing Manager, Aidan was in charge of sponsors, funding and promotional products.

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