Maritime Day

Each year, Fremantle Ports have kindly offered Comet Bay College students an opportunity to be involved in their Maritime Day event.  This year we had 9 models and several performers and volunteers attend Maritime Day in Fremantle on 4th November 2017. A huge turnout (over 10,000 visitors) and lots of sunshine made it a memorable day.

Our student models wore Wearable Art Fashion kindly loaned and designed by various local artists. Most of these designs were previous award winners at the Mandurah Wearable Art Competition.

Singers performed on two stages inside and outside B Shed in Fremantle.

A huge thank you to all our students involved, the event sponsors TAMS & Svitzer, Fremantle Ports and also the adult volunteers that assisted Claire Hunt: Fiona Howarth and Charissa Efthyvoulos.

Student Models

Shanai North modelled a design created by Artist Jo Ireland called “Spirit of Samoa”

Nell Cooper modelled a design created by Artists Rosy Chalklen & Claire Hunt called “Cockatoo Extravaganza”. This won Overall Winner in Mandurah’s Wearable Art Competition in 2012.

Elizabeth Ashwin modelled a design created by Artist Svenja, called “Anthozoa”

Maiya Howarth modelled a design which was a made by Artist Julie Smith, called “Kairavini”.

Mutale Mutale modelled a design which was a part of a 4 costume entry created by Artists Sharyn Hamilton, Julie Smith & Claire Hunt called “Sirens of the Sea”. This won Overall Winner in Mandurah’s Wearable Art Competition in 2013.

Mari Conradie modelled a design created by Artist Antoaneta Tica called “White Death”

Ava Howarth modelled a design created by Artist Rosy Chalklen called “Architectural Wonder”

Catrionna Garrett modelled a design created by Artist Elizabeth Morley called “Smashing Pumpkins”

Sarah Burling wore a costume called “Sands of Time” designed by Artist Carol Hazel.

Singers at the Maritime Day Cocktail Party

The annual Maritime Day Cocktail Party is held at the Esplanade Hotel for the sponsors,  and maritime industry representatives involved in Maritime Day. Defence Transition Mentor Claire Hunt coordinated the entertainment for the evening provided by 2 volunteers, Jasmijn Cornelisse and Shannon White. Their performances were outstanding and enjoyed by all.

Jasmijn Cornelisse is a Year 10 Comet Bay College student and Shannon White attends John Curtin College of the Arts.

Former Comet Bay College student also performed at Maritime Day

Entertainers and Volunteers

Defence student Ashlin Crawford volunteered to assist us with talent management and helped MC the Fashion Show.

Our performers during the day events were Ethan Lamont, Jasmijn Cornelisse and Eliza Clubley (Living Waters). They all shined both on the large outdoor stage and B Shed indoor stage. Thanks go to Fremantle Ports for giving them this performance opportunity and Svitzer Australia Pty Ltd. for sponsoring the stage.

CBC students also volunteered in their role as Navy Cadets as a part of team from TS Anzac. Well done to everyone involved…showing great community spirit and you all represented the college excellently.

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